Summer Sports That Help Torch Serious Calories

You can work out even more while the weather is warm! Try these summer sports to torch more calories. Swimming, rollerblading, rock climbing, and lacrosse all burn hundreds to thousands of calories each hour! All of these activities will give you a full-body workout! Not to mention that you’ll feel great after completing each workout! But which ones should you choose? Below, we’ve outlined some of the best options for serious calorie burn.

Rollerblading burns 410 calories per hour

One of the best summer sports to burn fat is rollerblading. In fact, it burns more calories than running, and is just as social as walking. In addition to being an excellent way to stay in shape, rollerblading has several other health benefits, including improved heart health. In addition to its ability to burn fat, rollerblading also improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, and improves lung function.

A rollerblading activity also burns more calories than running. The activity burns between 573 and 1069 calories per hour, depending on your weight and your skill level. In addition to burning more calories than running, rollerblading is great for toning muscles and losing belly fat. In fact, you can burn 410 calories per hour by rollerblading! So, if you’re looking for a fun and effective exercise to get in shape this summer, rollerblading is the way to go.

Lacrosse burns 537 calories per hour

Whether you play competitively or for fun, lacrosse is an extremely challenging sport that can burn hundreds of calories in an hour. In addition to burning hundreds of calories per game, lacrosse is also highly physical, requiring the player to exert significant amounts of energy. Recreational lacrosse leagues can help you to reach your fitness goals. Read on for more information on lacrosse and how it can help you stay fit.

The intensity of lacrosse is a key factor in the amount of calories the sport can burn in an hour. Players typically run up to 5 miles during a game, and the distance depends on the position they play and the coaching strategy. The activity requires high cardio endurance, and is a great way to burn calories. A lacrosse workout should include jump ropes, ladder agility exercises, and steady-state cardio. Players should also incorporate a variety of sprints into their workout.

Rock climbing burns 1,000 to 2,000 calories per hour

The amount of calories burned while rock climbing depends on several factors. Weight is probably the most important. Heavy people require more energy to climb than lightweight individuals. In addition, bouldering outdoors requires more physical effort because of the weather and additional weight. Additionally, rock climbing involves many muscles and burns significant calories per hour. This makes it one of the most intense sports to engage in during the summer. However, the exact number of calories burned depends on the sport and the individual.

It may take a little time for beginners to raise their heart rate, but as they progress, their body will be transformed. Not only will they be a more toned and leaner individual, but they’ll also burn hundreds or even thousands of calories. While rock climbing is not the most effective way to lose weight, it can be an excellent activity to encourage an active lifestyle. And, the benefits of rock climbing are well-known.

Swimming burns 714 calories

To figure out how many calories you will burn while swimming, enter your weight and length of activity into a calorie calculator. Enter the value in kilograms (metric) or pounds (imperial) to get the correct value. Select the type of activity to determine how many calories you will burn during swimming. You can choose competitive swimming or leisurely, which is a combination of mixed strokes performed at a slow pace.

To maximize calorie burning, aim for a long duration of swimming. Do not swim a slow pace because you won’t get any benefits from it. Maintaining a fast pace will burn more calories than a short burst of speed. For instance, if you can maintain a double-minute swimming workout, you’ll burn twice as many calories. It’s worth repeating this exercise as often as possible if you want to see results.

Beach volleyball

Playing beach volleyball is great for burning serious calories during the summer months. This sport requires a lot of agility and core power, and it can be particularly difficult to play in the sand. To help with your agility and core strength, you can incorporate Pilates and plyometrics into your training routine. There are also a number of training routines for beach volleyball that can help improve your game.

Played on a sand court divided by a net, beach volleyball requires a lot of energy to hit the ball and catch it. This is why it burns more calories than playing in a gym. A typical beach volleyball game involves three games. Each team has a maximum of three players on each side of the court. Each team works together to prevent the other team from hitting the ball or serving it to them.


With warm weather, there’s no excuse to not work out. With Pilates, one of the most popular exercise classes in the world, you can get in a sweaty workout and torch serious calories at the same time. Summer sports like volleyball, soccer, tennis, and tennis are even better, as they don’t require any equipment. And if you’re in the mood for something more strenuous, there’s no better time to try it.

Beach volleyball puts a tremendous amount of power and force on your core and arms, and the added weight can intensify the workout. You can also incorporate other exercise methods into your beach volleyball routine, like plyometrics or Pilates, to increase your strength and explosive power. And the bonus is that you can get in shape to look great in your bikini during the summer. So you can burn off those extra calories without feeling guilty about it.

Water jogging

You might not know it, but water jogging can burn some serious calories. Water sports like water polo can help you lose weight by burning as much as 600 calories in one hour. Regardless of your age and fitness level, water sports are fun and will help you burn fat and calories. You can even burn 450 calories in half an hour by playing soccer, a sport you can play just about anywhere. Aside from soccer, water sports like water jogging and water polo also provide a fun way to burn calories without stress.

While it’s not as aerobic as running on land, water jogging can complement an intense cardio day in the gym. In fact, aqua jogging can replace an hour on a treadmill. In addition, water jogging allows you to mimic the same running form, and it helps get your heart rate into higher zones. However, you should check with a health care professional before starting this activity.


There are several different types of surfing, including longboarding, kneeboarding, and stand-up paddling. Each involves its own specific techniques and terminology. Some have made their way into the broader culture, while others were invented by surfers themselves. The types of waves also influence the board designs. This is why it’s important to know what kind of equipment you’ll need before heading out onto the water.

In addition to burning calories, surfing is also great for socializing. Because you can meet new people, you’ll get to experience different cultures and landscapes. You’ll even meet some potential spouses and work colleagues as you spend your time surfing. There’s really no better way to burn off summer calories than surfing! The water can be as hot or as cold as you want, so you’ll want to wear appropriate clothing and bring some snacks.


There are many reasons to get out on a kayak. Not only is kayaking an exciting activity, but it also burns calories in a very effective way. It works all major muscle groups, but at the same time it’s low-impact. Plus, it’s highly adaptable and inclusive. So, kayaking will not only get you in shape this summer, but it will also keep you sane, too.

This sport requires a low-impact workout and is a great way to burn calories. You’ll get plenty of endurance training while burning calories. Even a 130-pound woman will burn 20 calories per trip up and down the stairs. That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up in a very short time. And remember to rehydrate afterward. Drinking water instead of soda will burn a lot of calories as well!


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