Best Time to Visit Japan

The monsoon rains sweep across the country from the south to the north, lasting for about a month and a half. Although the timing varies slightly year-to-year, the rainy season usually ends around mid-July. Rains are most intense in western Japan.


April is the best time to travel Japan, and is ideal for visiting most parts of the country. The weather is pleasant and sunny, and cherry blossoms are plentiful. The cherry blossoms in Japan are one of the country’s most popular attractions. It is also the start of the school and business year, which means that there will be more people around.


May is one of the best times to visit Japan, because this month is the last of the spring season and has some of the best weather. Though it can still get rainy at times, the temperatures in May are moderate, usually in the mid-sixties. In the southern parts of the country, temperatures are often warmer than they are in the western parts.


There are several great reasons to visit Japan in the spring or fall. The foliage is at its most vibrant, and the cherry blossoms add a stunning contrast to the landscape. Although spring and fall are the most popular times to travel to Japan, you should be aware that these months can be quite crowded. The summer is a good time to hike in national parks, but summer is also very hot. During this time, you may also experience heavy rains, so be prepared for that.


November is one of the mildest months in Japan, with low rainfall and low temperatures. You can also take advantage of the autumn foliage, which is in full force and explodes into vibrant autumn colours. November is also a great time to visit major cities, including Tokyo and Kyoto. The weather is relatively comfortable, although some regions are more pleasant than others. Temperatures can be chilly in Sapporo, but they are still manageable. The average high is 8oC in Sapporo and 24oC in Nara.


June is one of the hottest months in Hokkaido, but the temperatures are still pleasantly bearable, and rainfall tends to decrease towards the end of the month. While evenings can be cold, the temperature remains above 25 degC despite the cold northerly winds. June is also when off-the-beaten-track spots open, but flower blooms aren’t in full force until July.

Cherry blossom season

If you’re planning to visit Japan during cherry blossom season, you’ll want to know where to go to see them. Kyoto, Osaka, and Hokkaido are all popular destinations. In Kyoto, you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in gardens and parks. There are also numerous temples and shrines to explore. Tokyo is also a popular destination for hanami parties. The city’s Ueno Park is one of the best places to view the blossoms.

Typhoon season

While it is difficult to predict typhoons, October and November are the best months to visit Japan. The weather is temperate, and the fall foliage is in full bloom. However, if you are visiting during this time, you should check with local news agencies and stay tuned to weather forecasts.

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